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hi, i love your art! I hope you don't mind me asking where you got the guy version of i won't say im in love from?


thank you!! i hope you don’t mind my publishing this, because it’s a fact more people deserve to know.

did you know there was a jukebox musical of entirely disney songs called On The Record?? that’s where i got the audio from. (post in question)

this is the full track i cut it out of!

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im not the first to make this joke but its a good joke. it bears repeating

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happy birthday littlewadoo!!! you bring a lot of joy into my life so congrats on another year, hope it’s a good one! ideally the giftart wouldve been a little less shoddy but i theoretically have “obligations” so ahh this sketch will have to do OTL but hopefully it gets my point across <3 <3 <3 <3

8:57pm Monday 21 Jul '14

the rwbies and a bonus pyrrha (my queen) after mj bestowed this show upon me. i read that they were going for a wolf-like appearance with ruby so i ended up drawing her more feral-looking than intended oops (no regrets)

i started colouring them but i need to do work…….but i love the ladies…and i love all the designs so much…weep

6:38pm Monday 21 Jul '14

and here’s the lazy mossy kirin i couldn’t decide whether to keep or sell last night

i ended up just…like…opening the floor to offers lol

11:40am Saturday 19 Jul '14

look at these goofy sparklebeasts

and help me get enough money to print everything i need for SMASH this year by buying the adopts if that’s what you feel like doing ^_^

11:31am Saturday 19 Jul '14

…rei-chan’s been working himself too hard lately, huh?

(ಥ⌣ಥ) episode 3

7:20pm Thursday 17 Jul '14

hey hamaa happy tatatara (which im guessing is the first 15 min after ur birthday because its midnight now im sorry) but i drew this picture of takane and haruka as maka and soul i hope you’re into that

have a good 12

12:06am Thursday 17 Jul '14


free! shipping, the struggle: an autobiography by phee

i’m a simple girl with simple needs

6:40pm Tuesday 15 Jul '14