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episode 11??????????

8:55pm Thursday 11 Sep '14

i just got that your url is a pun on 'strawberries'. i cant believe this. im so mad. how could this happen


i feel bad about this but it’s actually not


i mean that’s why this is my logo

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i have 20 new messages about this in my ask box, thank you guys so much for being decent and supportive, i am full of blush and happy emojis!!

i’m not going to be answering any more of the negative asks, though, unless you send them OFF ANON; it’s incredibly telling that all the most racist asks i’ve gotten about this subject are on anon because you weaklings clearly understand you’re talking shit and refuse to be held accountable for it. this blog is not sj neutral but it’s meant to be a place for art; i store my progress here, and i am out of patience for cluttering the front page with ask posts, and i am out of energy for arguing the point.

if you like to look at & draw pictures of blake belladonna as white, that is fine. please continue to do that instead of harassing artists who draw her with dark skin. thank

2:19pm Tuesday 09 Sep '14

And you don't see how making the only main character with a criminal background black is kinda sketchy? And you made to animal parts a lot more prominent then they are in canon. That's edging close to some really racist stereotypes.


pls learn the difference between a complex, sympathetic character with some villainous traits being portrayed as black and…like…a criminal thug being portrayed as black

the white fang was a peaceful faunus rights activism group for a long time; they only became more extremist and violent later on, which is when and why blake…left

like she (maybe) committed some crimes in the name of liberating herself and her people from oppression, then she committed some crimes under the guide of people she used to trust which she then regretted, and then she committed no crimes at all. idk if “criminal background” is really the right term in this situation

and like cats/cat motif people are really? idealised? nobody sticks cat ears on a person because they hate that person—cat stereotypes are graceful, beautiful, serene, like…a lot of positive adjectives that are not the same as the ones associated with antiblack racist stereotypes tbh? this is the only halfway valid criticism anyone’s come up with so far though so if you want to expand on it, maybe even off anon (!!!), i’ll consider not ignoring you

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Your draw style is top but you got blakes skin wrong <3


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You are aware of the fact blake isn't black white?? it's ridiculous you clearly like the show enough to draw the characters how about you show some goddamn respect for the creators they chose to make her white.


i recognise that the creators chose to make her white but given that it’s a stupid-ass choice i’ve elected to ignore it

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Blake from RWBY isn't black and I don't think it's appropriate to portray her as such. If it were the other way around, where someone were whitewashing her character, people would be furious. I'm mad that you're portraying her as black because it's changing what the creators of the show made her as. Granted, I do not know why there isn't good racial representation, but it's not right to change a character, be it white washing or the opposite.


hey friend! before i respond to this ask, could you do me a little favour?

just go out to your nearest ethically sourced grocery store and purchase 10,000 bananas

carry them home (pick up some toothpaste too because you’re nearly out)

eat them, enjoying the fact that they are a tasty natural digestive aid and source of potassium

then slip on every single one of their skins you useless false-equivocating fuckstick

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i started drawing these before prom episode but got slammed too hard with schoolwork to finish it before it aired…figure it may as well finish it though….maybe i can do JNPR before they make their appearances

you can open the images in a new tab to see the details, although i’m not sure it’s physically possible to see the snowflake lace decals in weiss’s dress anymore, fml why is angry white girl so white

luv these rwbies

12:33am Monday 08 Sep '14
im so sorry about the lack of updates, an assignment is stretching out longer than i expected :(
here&#8217;s how i draw roses very quickly! they don&#8217;t look great but you can tell it&#8217;s a rose so they&#8217;re useful for certain situations

im so sorry about the lack of updates, an assignment is stretching out longer than i expected :(

here’s how i draw roses very quickly! they don’t look great but you can tell it’s a rose so they’re useful for certain situations

9:47pm Wednesday 03 Sep '14

HELLO! THESE ARE BIRTHDAY COMMISSIONS!! because it is my birthday soon and i am completely determined to take my friends out to lunch/dinner this year like a proper host!! but somehow despite my best efforts i ended up with, like, multiple friends? so now i need a lil extra padding financially before i can really justify doing that, so [throws thumbtacks in the air] commissions! here we go!

the examples aren’t particularly great, it’s OK to assume your order will end up being a bit better/more detailed in general than what you see

to ship the traditional inked pages: postage is included for domestic orders, but residents from outside of Australia have to help me out a bit—if you want the physical copy shipped to you, it’ll be an extra $5. but that’s optional, you’ll still have the neatly scanned/cleaned digital version either way!!

  • I’ll draw OCs, fanart, people, critters, anthros/monsters, etc. I don’t mind drawing blood/gore or nudity, and I’ll even attempt porny stuff!
  • I do reserve the right to decline your request for whatever reason.
  • Prices are subject to changes depending on how complex your order is! They could go up or down, we can discuss it
  • Pets, large props, detailed backgrounds, porn etc may incur surcharges, considered on a case-to-case basis.

All prices are in AUD and I will be taking upfront payment via PayPal for these. You can contact me via ask or email me at! please just fill out the subject of your email as “COMMISSION” or something similar hehe <3

  • You can supply as much or as little info as you want, and I’m willing to work off text only for OCs, BUT you have to keep in mind that the less info i have the less spot-on the final design might be! I enjoy having a little free rein, so if your character is open to interpretation, let me know. If you prefer your characters to strictly adhere to your set design, that is fine too, you just gotta tell me first! c: (When you’re requesting art of your OCs, though, one thing I do prefer to know is a little something about your character’s personality! It helps my process a lot.)
  • I usually forget to send WIPs unless I am specifically requested to, so if you want them please ask! I’m happy to send as many as you need, I’m just forgetful, hehe.
  • By default your commission will be put on my art blog, so please let me know ahead of time if you don’t want it published, or not posted til after a certain date, for any reason!

want me to draw something you don’t see in the post?? I’ll probably be more than happy to! Just inbox me with an inquiry, maybe a link to another picture i’ve drawn that looks the way you want your thing to look, and I will give you a quote!

thank you for your time <3

4:26pm Sunday 31 Aug '14