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oh my god i launched a webstore [breathes heavily]

Hawberry Bush webstore!!

  • prints! bookmarks! cute eevee buttons!
  • i totally have plans to add a zillion more products!
  • this is a great opportunity for people who have always wanted to hold my drawings in their physical fingers! follow your dreams, friends.
  • i’m so sorry about how much international shipping is, especially for A3 prints. i’m sorry. i’m so
  • eevee buttons are totally on sale at the moment to commemorate the six hours i spent making this batch, so snap them up!
  • if you don’t want anything or can’t afford to buy at the moment, that is obviously fine, but a reblog would still be the 800 appreciate, to get the word out, you know!
  • if you see a thing on my artblog that you really want to hold in your fingers but it’s not available in the webstore, DUDE, totally drop me an ask, and I will absolutely do my best to make that happen for you. \o/ same if you want additional options in the store for any reason!
  • if you have questions about anything or if the mechanisms are broken for any reason, definitely drop me a line!
  • thanks the 12,000 much for supporting me and looking at my art all these years it means. so much to me that people like my draws. thank you friends. smooch

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